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Update MB WhatsApp V9.97 to New Version (by Fouad Mods) | Enhanced Anti-ban 2024

MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp

Latest updated: 1 Day ago | Size: 69 MB | Official Website:

The new version of MB WhatsApp V9.97, released by Fouad Mods, focuses on enhancing anti-ban measures to further protect user data security. This update rejuvenates MB WhatsApp, bringing about significant improvements. Read on to discover the specific changes introduced by MB WhatsApp V9.97:

MB WhatsApp Download 9-97

Added more Anti-ban protection:

On one hand, many users have been hesitant to use MB WhatsApp due to concerns about the potential risk of their accounts being banned. This hesitation has led them to miss out on many exclusive features offered by the application. On the other hand, existing MB WhatsApp users do not want to face the risk of an account ban while using the application. To address these concerns, Fouad Mods has chosen to add anti-ban protection. Now, users can confidently enjoy all the positive experiences that MB WhatsApp latest version offers without worrying about being banned!

Fix issue of 1-hour ban for some users:

For users experiencing the issue of a 1-hour ban, updating MB WhatsApp to version 9.97 and re-verifying SMS can help lift the ban. Here are the specific steps to follow:

  1. Copy your MB WhatsApp data storage folder to a secure location to prevent data loss.
  2. Uninstall the existing MB WhatsApp old version and completely clear data.
  3. Download and install MB WhatsApp V9.97.
  4. Follow the prompts to log in normally and verify through SMS.
  5. Complete the process.

These are all the updates introduced in the MB WhatsApp latest version, making it more stable and secure. Update MB WhatsApp now to experience the perfect world of upgraded instant messaging beyond the original WhatsApp.

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Perbarui MB WhatsApp V9.97 ke Versi Terbaru (oleh Fouad Mods) | Ditingkatkan Anti-ban 2024 [ID]

MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp

Terbaru diperbarui: 1 Hari yang lalu | Ukuran: 69 MB | Situs Resmi:

Versi terbaru MB WhatsApp V9.97, yang dirilis oleh Fouad Mods, berfokus pada peningkatan langkah-langkah anti-ban untuk lebih melindungi keamanan data pengguna. Pembaruan ini menyegarkan MB WhatsApp, membawa perbaikan signifikan. Teruslah membaca untuk mengetahui perubahan spesifik yang diperkenalkan oleh MB WhatsApp V9.97:

MB WhatsApp Terbaru 9-97

Menambahkan perlindungan Anti-ban lebih banyak:

Di satu sisi, banyak pengguna ragu untuk menggunakan MB WhatsApp karena khawatir tentang risiko potensial akun mereka dibanned. Keragu-raguan ini membuat mereka kehilangan banyak fitur eksklusif yang ditawarkan oleh aplikasi. Di sisi lain, pengguna MB WhatsApp yang sudah ada tidak ingin menghadapi risiko akun dibanned saat menggunakan aplikasi. Untuk mengatasi kekhawatiran ini, Fouad Mods memutuskan untuk menambahkan perlindungan anti-ban. Sekarang, pengguna dapat dengan percaya diri menikmati semua pengalaman positif yang ditawarkan versi terbaru MB WhatsApp tanpa khawatir dibanned!

Memperbaiki masalah pemblokiran 1 jam bagi beberapa pengguna:

Bagi pengguna yang mengalami masalah pemblokiran selama 1 jam, memperbarui MB WhatsApp ke versi 9.97 dan memverifikasi ulang SMS dapat membantu mengangkat pemblokiran. Berikut langkah-langkah khusus yang harus diikuti:

  1. Salin folder penyimpanan data MB WhatsApp Anda ke lokasi yang aman untuk mencegah kehilangan data.
  2. Uninstall versi lama MB WhatsApp yang sudah ada dan hapus data sepenuhnya.
  3. Download dan instal MB WhatsApp V9.97.
  4. Ikuti petunjuk untuk masuk dengan normal dan verifikasi melalui SMS.
  5. Selesaikan proses.

Itulah semua pembaruan yang diperkenalkan dalam versi terbaru MB WhatsApp, menjadikannya lebih stabil dan aman. Perbarui MB WhatsApp sekarang untuk merasakan dunia pesan instan yang ditingkatkan di luar WhatsApp asli.

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MB WhatsApp V9.82 Download: All-in-One Solution

mb whatsapp logo

MB WhatsApp Official

Official Website:

Click here for more info about MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp V9.82 is more like a gentle, silent drizzle, making subtle improvements in functionality rather than introducing drastic changes. It meticulously addresses issues found in older versions of MB WhatsApp, delivering a smoother, safer, and feature-rich chat experience. However, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss MB WhatsApp V9.82:

MB WhatsApp Download    
  • Fixed: Random crash in some chats/groups
    • Some users may have encountered an unfortunate situation: group chats suddenly crashing, forcing you to exit the app. Some may have even lost their chat records. But MB WhatsApp V9.82 brings hope to these users. Simply download and install MB WhatsApp V9.82, and this problem is effectively resolved.
  • Fixed: Crash when opening Story
    • Causing the app to lag when trying to post a MB WhatsApp Story can be quite frustrating, right? That’s why WhatsApp V9.82 has been released to address this issue. Users no longer have to worry about lag when posting or viewing MB WhatsApp Stories.

In addition to these two improvements mentioned above, MB WhatsApp V9.82 also fixes various minor issues. While this may be a small step forward for MB WhatsApp, it’s a significant leap in terms of user experience. Whether it’s improved performance, enhanced privacy protection, or more customization options, MB WhatsApp V9.82 brings users a new high-level communication experience, injecting freshness and convenience into your chat life.

MB WhatsApp V9.81 Download: Get to Know the Newest Features

mb whatsapp logo

MB WhatsApp Official

Official Website:

Click here for more info about MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp V9.81 – At the beginning of the month, MB WhatsApp officially announced the release of MB WhatsApp V9.81. For enthusiastic users who wish to stay updated and not miss out on the exciting new features that come with MB WhatsApp V9.81, this article will provide you with the treasure trove you’re looking for. Within this article, you will gain in-depth insights into the notable changes and enhancements brought by MB WhatsApp V9.81.


Follow MB WhatsApp Latest Version Performance and Problem Solving

This update primarily focuses on maintaining the lightning-fast performance of MB WhatsApp and addressing some previously existing issues. It can be categorized into three main parts:

Fixes for Android 13+ Devices:

  1. Addressed storage permission issues on Android 13+.
  2. Resolved problems related to backup restoration on Android 13+
  3. Fixed emoji pack downloads on Android 13+

Fixes for User-Reported Issues

  1. Solved message forwarding crashes reported by some users.
  2. Fixed status privacy crashes that affected specific users.

Refinements for MB WhatsApp Features

  1. Corrected the issue with the WA Navigation unread badge not changing colors.
  2. Resolved problems related to time options.
  3. Fixed occasional video note message download icon disappearance.
  4. Enhanced spacing between quoted messages in conversation threads.

Why Update to MB WhatsApp V9.81?

All the aforementioned issues have been successfully addressed in MB WhatsApp V9.81. Additionally, MB WhatsApp V9.81 has fixed other errors and made improvements. This is why we consistently urge users to update to MB WhatsApp latest version. It not only resolves issues from previous versions but also provides a smoother internet chatting experience. Furthermore, you can continue to follow this website, which offers downloads of the latest MB WhatsApp APK versions, and you’ll always stay informed about the latest news related to MB WhatsApp!

Download MB WhatsApp V9.80: What’s New and Improved

MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp Official

Official Website:

Click here for more info. About MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp V9.80 – Yesterday, the FouadMods team finally launched the highly anticipated MB WhatsApp V9.80. This version is like a star rising in the night, emitting a dazzling light. The MB WhatsApp V9.80 update is divided into three main sections: Exclusive Features, Enabled Features, and Fixed Features. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed overview of the changes brought by this version, with a particular emphasis on the Exclusive Features.

Exclusive Features:

  • “Mark As Read” Added Inside WhatsApp Chat When Hide Blue Tick Is Enabled
    • This means that MB WhatsApp V9.80 allows you to manually mark messages as read within a chat, even if you have chosen to hide the blue ticks (read receipts). Users familiar with MB WhatsApp know that when you disable the blue tick feature, your contacts won’t see when you’ve read their messages. However, with this new feature, users can manually mark messages as read within the chat, even though the blue ticks remain hidden. This functionality is incredibly convenient, whether in a work or daily life context, as it plays an important role.
  • Message Pinning for 24 Hours, 7 Days, or 30 Days
    • With the MB WhatsApp V9.80 update, you gain the magical ability to control the duration for which messages are pinned. In previous versions of WA Mods or original WhatsApp, pinned messages would remain fixed until manually unpinned or replaced with other messages. However, with MB WhatsApp V9.80, you can choose to pin messages for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. Once the set time elapses, the pinned status will automatically be removed. For users who have long awaited this feature, the day of updating to MB WhatsApp V9.80 will be your celebration day!

Closing Thoughts

In addition to these, there are other enabled features and fixes, which we will list at the end of the article for your reference and understanding. The advantages brought by this update are significant, not only introducing original features but also resolving many issues present in previous versions. Most importantly, there’s no need to worry about downloading the MB WhatsApp V9.80 update. Simply visit our website, and you can immerse yourself in the vibrant world of MB WhatsApp and securely download the MB WhatsApp V9.80 update!

MB WhatsApp V9.80 Changelog:

  • Exclusive Features:
    • “Mark As Read” Added Inside WhatsApp Chat When Hide Blue Tick Is Enabled
    • Message Pinning for 24 Hours, 7 Days, or 30 Days
  • Enabled Features:
    • Send Quick Video Messages (Tap the Microphone Icon Once)
    • New Navigation Bar UI
    • Send High-Quality Media
    • Share Status on Facebook (Status Tab > Status Privacy)
    • New Save Option for Video Messages
    • Added Option to Hide Play Voice/Video Notes Indicator
    • Icon Next to “Edited” for User Attention
  • Fixed Features:
    • Call Banner Error on the Home Screen
    • Voice Note Banner Error in Single User Interface
    • De-colorization of Everyone as Admin in Groups
    • Hidden Chats Showing in App Icon Shortcut
    • Search in Group Tab
    • Daily Local Backup
    • Crash During Online Payments

MB WhatsApp V9.80 Download: Yang Baru dan Lebih Baik

MB WhatsApp

Resmi MB WhatsApp

Situs Web Resmi:

Klik disini untuk info lebih lanjut. Tentang MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp V9.80 – Kemarin, tim FouadMods akhirnya meluncurkan MB WhatsApp V9.80 yang sangat dinantikan. Versi ini seperti bintang yang terbit di malam hari, memancarkan cahaya yang menyilaukan. Diperbarui MB WhatsApp V9.80 dibagi menjadi tiga bagian utama: Eksklusif Fungsi , Fitur yang Fungsi, dan Tetap Fungsi. Pada artikel ini, kami akan memberi Anda ikhtisar mendetail tentang perubahan yang dibawa oleh versi ini, dengan penekanan khusus pada Eksklusif Fungsi.

Eksklusif Fungsi:

  • “Tandai Sebagai Sudah Dibaca” Ditambahkan Di Dalam Obrolan WhatsApp Saat Sembunyikan Centang Biru Diaktifkan
    • Ini berarti bahwa MB WhatsApp V9.80 memungkinkan Anda menandai pesan secara manual sebagai telah dibaca dalam obrolan, bahkan jika Anda telah memilih untuk menyembunyikan tanda centang biru (baca tanda terima). Pengguna yang akrab dengan MB WhatsApp tahu bahwa ketika Anda menonaktifkan fitur centang biru, kontak Anda tidak akan melihat ketika Anda membaca pesan mereka. Namun, dengan fitur baru ini, pengguna dapat secara manual menandai pesan sebagai telah dibaca di dalam obrolan, meskipun tanda centang biru tetap tersembunyi. Fungsionalitas ini sangat nyaman, baik dalam konteks pekerjaan atau kehidupan sehari-hari, karena memainkan peran penting.
  • Pinning Pesan selama 24 Jam, 7 Hari, atau 30 Hari
    • Dengan diperbarui MB WhatsApp V9.80, Anda memperoleh kemampuan magis untuk mengontrol durasi pesan disematkan. Di versi WA Mods atau WhatsApp asli sebelumnya, pesan yang disematkan akan tetap diperbaiki hingga disematkan secara manual atau diganti dengan pesan lain. Namun, dengan MB WhatsApp V9.80, Anda dapat memilih untuk menyematkan pesan selama 24 jam, 7 hari, atau 30 hari. Setelah waktu yang ditentukan berlalu, status yang disematkan akan dihapus secara otomatis. Bagi pengguna yang sudah lama menunggu fitur ini, hari diperbarui ke MB WhatsApp V9.80 akan menjadi hari perayaan Anda!

Menutup Pikiran

Selain itu, ada fungsi dan perbaikan lain yang diaktifkan, yang akan kami cantumkan di akhir artikel untuk referensi dan pemahaman Anda. Keuntungan yang dibawa oleh diperbarui ini sangat signifikan, tidak hanya memperkenalkan fitur asli tetapi juga menyelesaikan banyak masalah yang ada di versi sebelumnya. Yang terpenting, tidak perlu khawatir mengunduh diperbarui MB WhatsApp V9.80. Cukup kunjungi situs web kami, dan Anda dapat membenamkan diri dalam dunia MB WhatsApp yang semarak dan mengunduh diperbarui MB WhatsApp V9.80 dengan aman!

MB WhatsApp V9.80 Changelog:

  • Eksklusif Fungsi:
    • “Tandai Sebagai Sudah Dibaca” Ditambahkan Di Dalam Obrolan WhatsApp Saat Sembunyikan Centang Biru Diaktifkan
    • Pinning Pesan selama 24 Jam, 7 Hari, atau 30 Hari
  • Fitur yang Fungsi:
    • Kirim Pesan Video Cepat (Ketuk Ikon Mikrofon Sekali)
    • UI Bilah Navigasi Baru
    • Kirim Media Berkualitas Tinggi
    • Bagikan Status di Facebook (Tab Status > Privasi Status)
    • Opsi Simpan Baru untuk Pesan Video
    • Menambahkan Opsi untuk Menyembunyikan Indikator Catatan Suara/Video Putar
    • Ikon Di sebelah “Diedit” untuk Perhatian Pengguna
  • Tetap Fungsi:
    • Call Banner Error di Layar Utama
    • Galat Spanduk Catatan Suara di Antarmuka Pengguna Tunggal
    • De-kolorisasi Semua Orang sebagai Admin dalam Grup
    • Obrolan Tersembunyi Menampilkan di Pintasan Ikon Aplikasi
    • Cari di Tab Grup
    • Pencadangan Lokal Harian
    • Kecelakaan Selama Pembayaran Online

MB WhatsApp Anti-Ban Update: Issue Resolved

MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp Official

Official Website:

Click here for more info about MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp Anti-Ban – When you open MB WhatsApp and suddenly see that your WhatsApp account has been banned, it can be extremely frustrating. It’s important to acknowledge that WhatsApp accounts can receive bans for various reasons. However, users can make an effort to avoid having their WhatsApp account banned by understanding more about WhatsApp’s ban mechanisms. Read on to learn about MB WhatsApp Anti-Ban!

Why might a MB WhatsApp account get banned?

First and foremost, users need to understand the reasons behind MB WhatsApp account bans. According to WhatsApp’s terms of service, the following reasons can lead to a WhatsApp account being banned:

  1. Sending Spam: If you consistently send spam or malicious content to contacts, your MB WhatsApp account may get banned.
  2. Abusing Broadcast Lists: Using MB WhatsApp broadcast lists to send unsolicited messages to multiple recipients who have not consented to receive them can lead to an account ban.
  3. Suspicious Activities: Unusual or suspicious activities on your account, such as sending a high volume of messages in a short period or being reported by other users, might trigger a ban.
  4. Violating Age Restrictions: If you are underage and do not meet the minimum age requirement in your country while using MB WhatsApp, your account may be banned.

What types of MB WhatsApp account bans are there?

WhatsApp accounts face the possibility of either temporary or permanent bans. Before a permanent ban, the account is typically warned with temporary bans. It’s crucial to treat such notifications seriously and take prompt action. Only after multiple temporary bans will your MB WhatsApp account face permanent banning.

MB WhatsApp Anti-Ban

How to avoid MB WhatsApp account ban?

  1. Be cautious with unknown group links and invitations.
  2. Avoid sending spam or unsolicited messages.
  3. Regularly update MB WhatsApp to the latest version.

What can users do after MB WhatsApp temporary ban to unban their account?

Users can find solace in the fact that the most recent version of MB WhatsApp is capable of resolving temporary bans. If you encounter a temporary ban, follow these steps to address the issue:

  1. First, backup your current MB WhatsApp data.
  2. After backing up your MB WhatsApp data, uninstall the current version of MB WhatsApp you have. Next, proceed to download and install the newest version of MB WhatsApp from the official website
  3. After installation, make sure to click on the option to restore the backup in the newly downloaded MB WhatsApp. This will prompt MB WhatsApp to verify your phone number.
  4. After verification, you can start using MB WhatsApp normally and skip the temporary ban.

If your MB WhatsApp still shows a temporary ban after following the steps, repeat the process. During this process, there might be crashes, but that’s normal; simply reopen the app that crashed.

Final Thoughts

The MB WhatsApp latest version has addressed the issue of temporary bans. If you face a similar problem, try resolving it by downloading MB WhatsApp latest version from the official website.

MB WhatsApp V9.74 Download: Scheduler and App Crash Fixed

MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp Official

Official Website:

Click here for more info about MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp V9.74 – MB WhatsApp V9.74 introduces two significant updates. Firstly, the issue with the Message Scheduler feature crashing has been successfully resolved. Secondly, the bug – some users have experienced difficulties opening the MB WhatsApp app on certain mobile devices – has been resolved too.

  • Fix for Crash in Message Scheduler
    • The Message Scheduler feature in MB WhatsApp has gained immense popularity among users. This highly sought-after feature was specifically introduced by the MB WhatsApp R&D team to meet user needs and provide an enhanced user experience on top of existing WhatsApp features. This valuable addition enhances the overall WhatsApp experience, as the original WhatsApp did not have this feature. However, in the previous version, users encountered a recurring problem where the message scheduler would crash. With the latest update, MB WhatsApp V9.74 diligently addresses this issue. The update ensures that MB WhatsApp maintains the Message Scheduler feature while preserving user-set data, significantly improving the overall user experience.
  • Resolution for App Inaccessibility on Some Devices
    • A subset of users has encountered difficulties when attempting to open MB WhatsApp, resulting in failed app launches. In case your device’s available memory is not the underlying cause of the issue, updating MB WhatsApp to V9.74 will rectify this problem promptly.

Closing Thoughts

MB WhatsApp V9.74 is dedicated to addressing and resolving the aforementioned issues. Each release demonstrates MB WhatsApp’ commitment to tackling historical limitations and progressing accordingly. By choosing MB WhatsApp, users can witness the continuous evolution and refinement of MB WhatsApp App. Naturally, this update also addresses general bug fixes, striving to provide users with an unparalleled user experience surpassing that of similar products. Stay informed by subscribing to the official website,, which consistently delivers the latest news and insights on MB WhatsApp and its remarkable journey of advancement.

MB WhatsApp V9.73 Download: Fix Location Issues

MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp Official

Official Website:

Click here for more info about MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp V9.73 – The release of MB WhatsApp V9.73 brings good news as it addresses and resolves the errors related to sending location and the issue with the My Location button in Maps.

  • Send My location issue:
    • Occasionally, some users may have encountered difficulties when attempting to send their location through MB WhatsApp. If you have experienced this issue, here is the good news for you. The solution is here – update to MB WhatsApp V9.73. Ensure that you are using the latest version, as it specifically addresses and resolves issues related to sending location information.
  • My location button in map:
    • Also, the problem with the My Location button not being displayed on the map has been resolved. Whether you have encountered this issue in previous versions or are experiencing it currently, the latest update, MB WhatsApp V9.73, has rectified this inconvenience. You can now experience smooth and effortless map usage in MB WhatsApp.

In conclusion:

When utilizing features such as sharing your location or accessing the My Location button on the map, it is important to grant MB WhatsApp the necessary permissions to access your location. Additionally, ensure a stable and reliable internet connection for optimal performance. Should you encounter any further difficulties, we encourage you to visit the official MB WhatsApp website at and download MB WhatsApp V9.73. Rest assured, this update will address and resolve any lingering issues, providing you with a superior messaging experience.

Download MB WhatsApp tanpa iklan

MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp Resmi

Situs Web Resmi:

Klik di sini untuk info lebih lanjut tentang MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp tanpa iklan – Memberikan antarmuka aplikasi yang lebih bersih dan perlindungan privasi yang ditingkatkan. Karena MB WhatsApp tidak dapat diunduh langsung dari Google Store, pengguna harus mencari tautan unduhan yang aman dan valid dari berbagai sumber lain. Dalam proses ini, tidak dapat dihindari untuk menemui situasi di mana MB WhatsApp yang diinstal mengandung iklan. Hal ini bisa membuat frustasi.

Disarankan untuk menghindari menginstal atau segera menghapus MB WhatsApp dengan iklan ketika menghadapi situasi tersebut. Meskipun iklan sering menjadi sumber pendapatan bagi pengembang atau penyedia konten, dalam beberapa kasus, pengguna mungkin perlu membayar untuk versi premium atau bebas iklan dari aplikasi ini untuk menikmati manfaat ini. Namun, di situs web resmi MB WhatsApp:, pengguna dapat sepenuhnya mengunduh MB WhatsApp tanpa iklan! Ini adalah keuntungan terbesar dari mengunduh MB WhatsApp tanpa iklan dari situs web resmi. Jika Anda tidak menyadari manfaat mengunduh MB WhatsApp tanpa iklan, silakan lihat poin-poin berikut:

  1. Pengalaman Pengguna yang Ditingkatkan: Tanpa iklan, menjelajahi MB WhatsApp menjadi lancar dan memberikan pengalaman yang lebih menyenangkan.
  2. Kinerja yang Ditingkatkan: MB WhatsApp tanpa iklan memuat lebih cepat, menawarkan antarmuka pengguna yang efisien dan responsif.
  3. Pengurangan Kekacauan: MB WhatsApp tanpa iklan memiliki antarmuka yang bersih, memudahkan untuk menemukan dan mengakses konten atau fitur yang diinginkan.
  4. Perlindungan Privasi yang Ditingkatkan: Tanpa iklan, tidak ada kekhawatiran privasi terkait pengumpulan data dan pelacakan perilaku.
  5. Prolonged Battery Life: Tanpa iklan, MB WhatsApp mengonsumsi sumber daya perangkat yang lebih sedikit, memperpanjang masa pakai baterai.

Silakan unduh MB WhatsApp tanpa iklan dari situs web resmi MB WhatsApp – – untuk menikmati pengalaman yang benar-benar berbeda! Baik Anda pengguna baru maupun pendukung setia, fitur-fitur menakjubkan ini akan membuat Anda ketagihan.